Country Houses El Chorro

Discover the Authentic Natural Charm

At El Chorro Villas Country Houses, nature and comfort blend to provide you with a unique experience. We offer a peaceful retreat amidst the natural beauty of El Chorro's landscape. We are the perfect place for your next getaway!

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Country Houses El Chorro.

Exclusive Country Houses in El Chorro

A Private Retreat Set in Málaga, Andalusia

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Our country houses offer a unique experience in an unparalleled natural setting, perfect for your next getaway.

Country Houses with Unique Features

Unrivaled Privacy

Each villa boasts its own private pool, allowing you to enjoy moments of serenity with panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and hills.

Beautiful Gardens

Stroll through our meticulously maintained gardens, a delight for the senses thanks to their lush vegetation and beautiful native plants.

Modern Comfort

Immerse yourself in authentic Andalusian life, with typical architecture that blends tradition with modern conveniences, ensuring a relaxing and comfortable stay.

Essential Services

In the midst of a natural setting, you will have convenient access (within a 15-minute drive) to supermarkets, restaurants, healthcare centers, and other essential services.

Destinations near our houses

Country Houses El Chorro offer you the perfect starting point to explore the beauty and vastness of our land, Andalusia. Discover with us, from the famous Caminito del Rey to the charming white villages of our region, a world of adventures awaits. Immerse yourself in the local culture, savor Andalusian cuisine, and be captivated by our history, all amidst the surrounding nature. Your next getaway begins here, in the heart of Andalusia, in El Chorro.


36 Km


La Carihuela
39 Km


Puerto Marina
40 Km


42 Km


Puerto Banús
45 Km


Selwo Aventura
64 Km


Cueva de Nerja
80 Km


107 Km


108 Km


Playa de Bolonia
124 Km


Playa de Zahora
142 Km


Cuevas de Hércules
160 Km

Nearby Villages near Our Country Houses

Our Country Houses El Chorro offer you a complete immersion into the beauty of this natural environment. Surrounded by stunning landscapes, trails to explore, and a serenity that will envelop you from day one, you'll feel like you've found the perfect country house away from the hustle and bustle of urban life. Whether you're enjoying the local flora and fauna, exploring the natural surroundings that surround us, or simply relaxing in the outdoor spaces provided in each property, our location in the heart of nature will give you the opportunity to reconnect with the essentials and discover the magic of the rural world. Your experience at El Chorro Villas will be an authentic connection with pure nature.


12 Km


14 Km

Valle de Abdalajís

5 Km


32 Km