El Chorro

A Natural Paradise in Andalusia

In the heart of Andalusia, Spain, you will find El Chorro, a natural treasure. A must-visit destination for nature lovers, hikers, and climbing enthusiasts. A magical corner known for its history, natural beauty, and a variety of activities to enjoy with your partner, family, or friends.

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El Chorro.

7 km

Over 7 km of
natural trails

100 mil

Destination annually
visited by crowds

400 m

meters in altitude
in the gorges


El Chorro is home to
d3 crystal-clear lakes

El Chorro, where history and nature blend seamlessly.

El Chorro is a picturesque town located in the province of Malaga, in the autonomous community of Andalusia, Spain. Its history is closely linked to its natural surroundings and the construction of infrastructure that has transformed the region over the years.

One of the most prominent landmarks in El Chorro's history is the construction of El Chorro Gaitanes Gorge and the Caminito del Rey in the 20th century. This narrow gorge was adapted with a wooden walkway embedded in the canyon walls, allowing workers to access a hydroelectric power station. Known as the Caminito del Rey, it became one of the world's most famous and thrilling hiking trails due to its dizzying location and construction history.

El Chorro is renowned for its stunning natural beauty. The region is surrounded by mountains, gorges, and rivers, creating a spectacular landscape that attracts both nature lovers and adventurers. Additionally, the Caminito del Rey and the gorge are a testament to human engineering and perseverance.

El Chorro is also a place that represents the connection between history and modernity, as it has evolved from being a workplace and a hydroelectric power station to becoming a popular tourist destination. Its historical legacy blends with natural beauty, making it a place where you can explore history and culture while enjoying the majesty of nature.

What to do in El Chorro?

Caminito del Rey

Exploring the legendary Caminito del Rey in Álora means venturing along a thrilling trail with breathtaking views of the gorges.

Caminito del Rey - El Chorro.

Ruins of Bobastro

Discovering the history of the Caliphate of Córdoba is possible by exploring the Ruins of Bobastro in Álora, an ancient settlement with a cave church and watchtower.

Ruins of Bobastro.

Gaitanes Gorge

Admire the astonishing Gaitanes Gorge in Álora, a natural paradise with dizzying landscapes and the Guadalhorce River.

Gaitanes Gorge - El Chorro.

Arab Staircase

An authentic relic of the region's Arab past that transports you back in time, offering a unique experience today.

Arab Staircase - El Chorro.

Sierra de Huma

A beautiful mountain range that includes the peak of Huma as its highest point. Adventurers can enjoy unparalleled panoramic views of the region.

Picon de la Huma.

Guadalhorce Reservoir

An ideal spot for water sports enthusiasts and fishing enthusiasts. Enjoy activities such as kayaking or relax on the shore and admire the panoramic views.

Guadalhorce Reservoir.

Hiking Areas in El Chorro


El Torcal de Antequera

Natural Park · Rock Formations · Unique Geology


Sierra Huma

Untouched Nature · Sierra Huma Mountains


Rutas de los Embalses

Nature and Water · Scenic Routes along the Reservoirs


Ruinas de Bobastro

Historical Remains · Ruins in Antequera


Caminito del Rey

Scenic Routes in Málaga · Path through Gorges

Where to Sleep in El Chorro?

A Private Retreat Nestled in Málaga, Andalusia

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Explore El Chorro

Distance from Málaga
1h 10min

Altitude above sea level
15 meters

53,17 km²

245 residents


Postal Codes

Álora Town Hall
Plaza Fuente de Arriba, 15, Álora, 29500
(+34) 951 06 21 36

How to get to El Chorro

FAQs about El Chorro

Q. Where is El Chorro reservoir located?

A. El Chorro reservoir, also known as the Conde de Guadalhorce Reservoir, is located in the province of Malaga, Andalusia, Spain. It is situated near the famous natural site of El Chorro.

Q. What is El Chorro called?

A. The Conde del Guadalhorce Reservoir, colloquially known as El Chorro, was inaugurated in 1921. This name has become a popular designation for this beautiful place in the province of Malaga.

Q. What is the most famous tourist attraction in El Chorro?

A. The most famous tourist attraction is the Caminito del Rey, a spectacular trail built on the walls of the gorge that offers breathtaking views.

Q. Can I swim in the reservoir of El Chorro?

A. Yes, in the reservoir of El Chorro, also known as the Conde del Guadalhorce Reservoir, you can swim and practice water sports in certain designated areas. However, caution should be exercised, and local regulations should be respected.