Rock Climbing El Chorro

Challenge the Heights of Andalusia!

Explore one of Spain's most stunning rock climbing meccas. Located in the province of Malaga, in the region of Andalusia, El Chorro is a vertical paradise for climbing enthusiasts seeking exciting challenges amidst a spectacular natural setting.

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Rock Climbing El Chorro.


Over 2,000
thrilling routes


More than 300
sunny days

200 m

Walls up to
200 meters


El Chorro offers
climbers over 600 routes

History of Rock Climbing in El Chorro.
A Legacy of Thrills and Adventure.

The history of climbing in El Chorro is a fascinating tale of thrilling challenges and a legacy that has turned this region into one of Spain's and the world's most prominent climbing destinations. Located in the province of Málaga, in the region of Andalusia, El Chorro has witnessed decades of vertical exploration and conquest.

Beginnings of climbing in El Chorro

Climbing in El Chorro dates back to the mid-20th century when intrepid adventurers began to explore the limestone formations in the region. These pioneering climbers, armed with rudimentary gear but an unwavering passion for adventure, charted the first routes and laid the groundwork for what would become a vertical paradise.

El Chorro on the international stage

Over time, El Chorro gained international recognition as one of Europe's most breathtaking climbing destinations. Climbers from around the world flocked to the region to test their skills on the high limestone walls and overhangs. The variety of routes and the beauty of the natural surroundings contributed to its growing popularity.

Development of new routes and styles

Throughout the decades, climbing in El Chorro has evolved with the opening of new routes and the development of different styles. From traditional routes to sport climbing and bouldering, El Chorro offers challenges for climbers of all levels and preferences.

The Caminito del Rey and its connection to climbing

The famous Caminito del Rey, a pathway of suspended walkways on the canyon walls, also has a connection to the history of climbing in El Chorro. Originally constructed to facilitate maintenance for a hydroelectric power plant, it now serves as a starting point for some climbing routes and has become a tourist attraction in its own right.

Climbing Areas in El Chorro


Zona Caliza

Right by the road.
Good routes.


Zona Frontales

The largest area.
Sport climbing.


Zona Escaleras

Sport climbing.


Zona Encantadas

Sport climbing.


Zona Corral East

Sport climbing.


Zona Rocabella

For beginners.
Ideal on hot days.


Zona Primer Cañón

Sport climbing.


Zona Makinodromo

Red wall.
Free access.


Zona Los cotos

Sport climbing.


Zona Segundo cañón

Sport climbing.


Zona Desplomilandia

A 15 min drive.
Sport climbing.


Zona Valle de Abdalajís

Winter season.
Sport climbing.


Zona Tinieblas

Sport climbing.

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Explore El Chorro

Distance from Málaga
1h 10min

Altitude above sea level
15 meters

53,17 km²

245 residents


Postal Codes

Álora Town Hall
Plaza Fuente de Arriba, 15, Álora, 29500
(+34) 951 06 21 36

How to get to El Chorro

FAQs about Rock Climbing El Chorro

Q. When is the best time for climbing in El Chorro?

A. The best time for climbing in El Chorro is during spring and autumn when temperatures are moderate, and the weather is ideal for outdoor climbing.

Q. Do i need permits or authorizations to climb in El Chorro?

A. Most climbing areas in El Chorro are open for public access. However, some areas, like the Caminito del Rey, may require permits or advance reservations. Make sure to check the specific requirements before your visit.

Q. Are there climbing schools or instructors available in El Chorro?

A. Yes, you will find climbing schools and local guides in El Chorro that offer lessons and training for climbers of all levels.

Q. Can I find climbing equipment stores and restaurants in El Chorro?

A. Yes, in El Chorro, you will find climbing gear shops where you can buy or rent equipment, as well as local restaurants where you can enjoy Andalusian cuisine.

Q. Are there climbing events or competitions in El Chorro?

A. Yes, throughout the year, climbing events and competitions are held in El Chorro that attract climbers from all over the world. You can check the local calendar for information on scheduled events.