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Discover the history and natural beauty of Teba, Andalusia, through our charming country houses. Experience the tranquility and cultural richness of this unique destination in the heart of Andalusia for an unforgettable stay.

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Teba Country Houses.


More than 1000 years
of Andalusian history

555 m

An altitude of 555 meters in
a picturesque environment


Inhabitants renowned for
their welcoming hospitality


Teba is the home of 10
historical landmarks

Teba, a town steeped in history.

Teba, located in the province of Málaga, Andalusia, Spain, is a town with a rich history and charming landscape. This municipality covers an area of 142.95 km², characterized by rolling hills, cereal fields, and olive groves, with an average altitude of 555 meters above sea level. According to 2017 data, its population is 3,847 residents.

The urban core of Teba consists of white Andalusian-style houses, noble residences, and palaces, with the imposing Andalusian castle and an 18th-century Baroque church as prominent landmarks. The local economy is based on agriculture and livestock, with a focus on pig farming, wheat cultivation, and olive groves.

Archaeological remains in Teba reveal human occupation dating back to the Paleolithic era, with evidence of Iberian, Roman, and Andalusian settlements. In 1330, Alfonso XI incorporated Teba into the Crown of Castile, and in 1522, the County of Teba was established under the influence of the Guzmán clan. During the 19th and 20th centuries, Teba played a significant role in the labor movement of the region. Currently, the municipality is part of the Network of Municipalities for the Third Republic. Additionally, Teba has the honor of being considered a Cervantine town, as the presence of Miguel de Cervantes in the locality during his time as a tax collector in the Kingdom of Seville has been documented, although he also had legal troubles in Teba that led to his imprisonment.

What to do in Teba?

Betic Mountains

Teba is surrounded by the Betic Mountain Range, providing opportunities to explore mountain landscapes, scenic trails, and rich biodiversity.

Betic Mountains - Teba.

Embalse de Guadalteba

Lugar ideal para aficionados a los deportes acuáticos y la pesca. Disfrute de actividades como la navegación en kayak o relájese en la orilla y admire las vistas panorámicas.

Embalse de Guadalteba - Teba.

Castle of La Estrella

A historical gem that dominates the Teba skyline. Explore its ancient walls and towers, and immerse yourself in the history of this impressive castle.

Castle of La Estrella.

Dove's Cave

A fascinating spot for spelunking and geology. Admire the unique rock formations and learn about the geological history of the region.

Dove's Cave.

Los Castillejos

An important archaeological site in Teba. Explore the ruins of this ancient fortified city and uncover the secrets of its past.

Los Castillejos - Teba.

Caminito del Rey

Venturing onto the legendary Caminito del Rey in Álora means exploring a dizzying pathway with breathtaking views of the canyons.

Caminito del Rey - Teba Country Houses.

Teba, heritage and historic places

Castillos El Chorro Villas Icono Castillo El Chorro Villas

Castle of La Estrella

A castle with Arab roots that offers breathtaking panoramic views of the town of Teba.

Iglesias El Chorro Villas Icono Iglesias El Chorro Villas

Churches and Chapels

Including the Church of Santa Cruz and the Chapel of San Juan de Letrán.

Conventos El Chorro Villas Icono Convento El Chorro Villas

Convent of San Francisco

An important historical and religious site.

Miradores El Chorro Villas Icono Miradores El Chorro Villas

Viewpoints in Teba

They offer panoramic views of the town. Notable ones include Los Castillejos, Mirador de la Estrella, Mirador de los Tres Embalses, and Mirador de las Canteras.

Artisan Cheese Fair Teba.

Artisan Cheese Fair Teba

An annual event celebrating local cheese-making tradition, offering tastings of various cheeses and activities related to their production.

Monuments and Points of Interest in Teba

Monuments and Points of Interest in Teba

Explore the Castle of La Estrella, the Convent of San Francisco, the Hermitage of Nuestra Señora del Carmen, the Marqués de Greñina Mansion, among others...

Sir James Douglas Days - Teba.

Popular Festivals and Events in Teba

Participate in traditional events such as the Teba fair, the pilgrimage in honor of San Isidro Labrador, Sir James Douglas Days, among other festivities...

Gastronomía de Teba.

Gastronomy of Teba

Notable dishes and products include porra tebeña (a type of cold tomato soup), lavapuertas (a local stew), boiled soup, roasted lamb, asparagus, honey, cheese, and olive oil, among others...

A Private Retreat Nestled in Málaga, Andalusia

Unique Features

Unparalleled Privacy

Each villa comes with its own private pool, allowing you to enjoy moments of serenity with panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and hills.

Stunning Gardens

Stroll through our meticulously maintained gardens, a sensory delight with lush vegetation and beautiful native flowers.

Modern Comfort

Immerse yourself in authentic Andalusian life, with typical architecture that blends tradition with modern amenities, ensuring a relaxing and comfortable stay.

Essential Services

Nestled in a natural setting, you'll have nearby access (within a 15-minute drive) to restaurants, medical facilities, supermarkets, and other essential services.

Explore Teba

Distance from Málaga
1h 10min

Altitude above sea level
555 meters

142,94 km²

3 729 residents


Postal Code

Teba Town Hall
Pl. de la Constitución, 13, Teba, 29327
(+34) 952 74 80 20

How to get to Teba

FAQs about Teba

Q. When is the Cheese Fair in Teba celebrated?

A. The Cheese Fair in Teba is usually held at the end of September or the beginning of October. It is an annual event that highlights the cheese-making tradition of the region, offering visitors the opportunity to enjoy a variety of local cheeses and cheese-related activities.

Q. When is the Teba Fair?

A. The Teba Fair is held in honor of San Roque and typically takes place in the second half of August. During this celebration, the town is filled with activities such as concerts, parades, sports events, and attractions for residents and visitors to enjoy festive days.

Q. How do I get to the Castle of La Estrella from the center of Teba?

A. To get to the Castle of La Estrella from the center of Teba, you can follow the road that leads to the castle. It is a well-marked path that will take you to the castle's entrance, where you can park and begin your visit.

Q. What are the main hiking routes in the surroundings of Teba?

A. Teba and its surroundings offer several exciting hiking routes. Some of the most popular routes include the trail to the Dove's Cave, the Caminito del Chorro, and routes that take you through the Betic Mountains. Each route has its level of difficulty, so it's important to choose the one that best suits your experience and physical condition.